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French Horn


Welcome to our French horn pages. The horn is a popular instrument to learn, but can be confusing when selecting the correct horn to buy. Most experienced players will play on a full double horn, this is an instrument that has 2 sets of slides, a Bb side and an F side. A thumb valve switches the air flow from one side to the other. Often learners will start on a single horn, these can be pitched in either F or Bb.

The Kinder horn (or mini horn) is also a single horn (also available in F or Bb) but smaller and designed for younger children. To complicate things further, there is a design of horn called a compensating horn (sometimes known as a half double). Essentially this is a double horn, with a thumb valve switching the air flow from F to Bb, but has tubing configured in such a way that it is lighter in weight and less cumbersome to handle. We try to keep a good selection of horns in stock, but if you’re looking for a particular model, whether it’s listed on our site or not, please get in touch with us and we will endeavour to source it for you.