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Besson BE-162 3 valve Euphonium



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With the choice between two models (BE162 or BE165), the Besson New Standard euphoniums provide an excellent start for the careers of aspiring euphonium players. Modeled after the classic BESSON of years past, they are free blowing with an ease of tone production combined with an even response, excellent valve action, as well as being comfortable for both embouchure and fingers. The three and one valve system allows young players proper technique to allow transition to Sovereign or Prestige range.



  • Key :Bb
  • Bell :11″ yellowbrass
  • Bore :.580
  • Waterkeys :2
  • Valves :3
  • Finish :Clear lacquer or silver-plated
  • Features :Removeable water catcher
  • Options :
  • BE162-1 :Clear lacquer finish (no lacquer image available)
  • BE162-2 :Silver-plated finish

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Weight11 kg