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Selmer MK VI Alto Saxophone




The MK VI series of saxophones are considered to be the best saxophones ever made.  They were produced between 1954 – 1974, and through this time the designs and techniques used were developed.

This particular saxophone was manufactured in 1974, so it has a 6-digit serial number: 22####. This makes it one of the later saxophones to be produced from Selmer. There is a lot of variety (in terms of tone and playability) that comes with hand-made instruments so if you are interested please do not hesitate to let us know so you can come and try it in-store.

6-digit, MK VI Selmer Saxophones are still very sought-after instruments in the professional world of players. They tend to have a brighter sound than the earlier models.

It is in absolutely immaculate, almost as new, condition.  As seen in the picture, our technicians will put new cork onto the crook. A fine example of these beautiful instruments.

All of our second-hand instruments get thoroughly checked in our workshop. The amount of work varies from instrument to instrument, and so may not take place immediately.

If you are interested in any of our second-hand instruments please get in touch so that we can ensure any necessary work has been carried out.