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Yamaha YTR-8340EMII Eric Miyashiro Trumpet



Yamaha Professional Series Trumpet

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This model, developed in collaboration with Eric Miyashiro, draws out the emotional resonance of the performer. From its triple ring finger hook, large bell with French bead, side seam finish and customised mouthpiece design to its semi-hard double backpack case, the instrument showcases Yamaha’s attention to detail at every turn.

We also offer the YTR-8340EMS, which is the same instrument as the YTR-8340EM but is has a silver-plated finish. Check out the finish options to see more.




When the piston is not depressed, the trumpet has the same bore structure as a Bb trumpet at Medium bore size. However when the piston is depressed, the unique “multi-bore” structure reduces the difference in back pressure by passing through the Large bore valve slide.

French Bead

Unlike traditional methods where a round rim is used in curling, French bead is an extremely advanced technique that matches the curling to the shape of a semi-cylindrical rim and is characterized by improved feedback of sound to the performer.

Side Seam

Side seaming is the process of placing the connection point on the lateral valve casing side in contrast to the conventional method of placing the connection point on the lower side of the bell. Side seam trumpets are characterized by a more open vibration.

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