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Yamaha YTR-8445S Xeno ‘C’ Trumpet



Our Xeno Series C Trumpets are ideal for use in any performance. The brilliant tonal colour and accurate intonation respond faithfully to the performer’s nuances and expression.

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A new bell design contributes to optimum resistance for a powerful tonal core. The new design also enhances playability in the upper register.

Valve Casing & Pistons

Thinner valvecasing and pistons, as well as the modified angle of the branch tube (knuckle), result in improved response and provide the performer with an ideal blowing resistance.

Button On The 1st Slide

The button on the 1st slide is to fine-tune the blowing resistance for better control.

Water Key

The height of the main slide water key gutter has been increased for optimum resistance, and the ends of the water key spring have been curled for improved response.


New TRC-800E double case with a strap.


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Weight5 kg