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Yamaha YV520 Vibraphone

by Yamaha
Original price £2,730.00 - Original price £2,730.00
Original price
£2,730.00 - £2,730.00
Current price £2,730.00

The Yamaha YV-520 3-octave vibraphone uses a narrow, non-graduated bar design without non-essential, accidental resonators, creating a compact, lightweight vibe. Professional features include accurate tuning, variable speed motor with silent on/off, sturdy frame, height adjustment, large casters, oversized pedal and double-locking pedal assembly.


  • Range: 3 octaves (F33 - F69)
  • Pitch: A = 442Hz
  • Finish: silver satin finish, aluminium alloy
  • Bars utilise the exclusive Yamaha tuning method for true pitch and a full sound
  • Non-graduated bars help keep this keyboard compact while the silver matte finish produces a warm sound
  • Oversized swivel pedal allows comfortable pedalling from all positions
  • Quiet motor, with silent pause and silent fan speed slider control, allows musical expression without unwanted noise
  • Locking casters on player side are easy to reach, and they secure the instrument while playing
  • Only essential accidental resonators are used to reduce weight and size for transport