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Welcome to our saxophone pages. Whether you’ve never played the saxophone before and are considering having a go, or you’re an experienced player looking for that certain sound, we like to think we have something to tempt you. Saxophones vary in size which in turn gives each of them their distinct sound. In general terms, there are 4 types of saxophones, the highest pitched is the Soprano, then the Alto, Tenor Saxophone and the lowest of the saxophone family is the Baritone.  The most popular Saxophone for School children is the Alto, and this is merely down to size and ease of playing. Whether you want to buy, rent, part exchange or take advantage of our interest free credit facility, we will be delighted to welcome your enquiry. Why not take advantage of our in-store trial area, and come in and try some saxophones. Call us on 0131 557 6543 and book an appointment today!