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Adams 2PAUNFI Universal Pedal Timpani, Fibre

by Adams
Original price £1,595.00 - Original price £1,916.00
Original price
£1,595.00 - £1,916.00
Current price £1,595.00

Adams Universal Timpani are designed for all concert and education uses. An easy instrument to operate, the pedal mechanism can be silently locked into place to pinpoint any note, and the optional fine tuner can be used for further adjustment. Universal Timpani feature legs that are adjustable to the player’s height while seated, and easily retract into the kettle for transport.

Adams Parabolic Fibre kettles are a synthetic option that are lightweight and have an excellent sound. Fibreglass bowls are excellent value for bands, schools, and travel use.

This model is supplied without the optional fine tuner.