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Groovy Rascal 'Otra Danza?' Sheet Music for Flute & Piano

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Contains sheet music for solo flute and piano accompaniment with a FREE audio download included with purchase - just scan the QR code supplied with the music.

Capture the mood of a sultry night in Latin America with 'Otra Danza?'  It has a smooth melody line and a contrasting middle section where the written out solo plays over a ‘Santana-esque' rhythm accompaniment.  Get ready to put on the Panama hat and glide your partner across the floor.

  • Range: Low D to G above the stave
  • Level: Approx. Grade 4
  • Duration: 2:35 mins
  • Weight: 0.054kg
  • Dimensions: 30cm (h) x 21cm (w) x 0.2cm (d)
  • Composer: Rob Ironside