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Neotech Neo Sling X-Long

by Neotech
SKU 2101172
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The NeoTech Neo Sling™ is ideal for beginner to professional musicians.

  • Children: The weight reduction system makes the Neo Sling™ ideal for a small child. The student is free to concentrate on technique rather than fighting the weight of the instrument.
  • Marching bands: The Neo Sling™ reduces the stress, fatigue, and bounce related to marching. Playing while marching instantly becomes more enjoyable.
  • Professionals: Playing longer gigs is physically less demanding with use of the Neo Sling™. When doubling on instruments, the weight difference between horns feels greatly reduced.

    The weight of the saxophone is evenly distributed over the shoulder and across the back, which eliminates neck fatigue. It's an ideal strap for individuals with neck problems. This neoprene shoulder sling gives the performer more freedom of movement while continuing to offer Neotech's patented weight reduction system.

    The saxophone feels 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable. Give it a try!

    Supplied with a Swivel Hook, a popular option with a closed design. This is great for students, as it offers added security. It is strong enough to carry even a baritone saxophone.

    • Colour: Black
    • Circumference: ca. 119.4 cm – 149.9 cm
    • Made in the USA