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Wittner Taktell Piccolino Metronome - Black

by Wittner
SKU 2210B
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£52.65 - £52.65
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The Wittner Taktell Piccolino Metronome is a compact, lightweight metronome that's perfect for helping new students get to grips with their timing.

It's ideal for home use but it's also handy for musicians on the go as it takes up hardly any space in a gig bag.

The silver pendulum provides a consistent tempo with a range of between 40bpm and 280bpm making it suitable for most applications.

Yes, you can use a metronome app, but there's really nothing to beat the visual swing and precise click of a mechanical metronome!

  • Up to 208BPM with a variety of time signatures
  • Lightweight plastic casing for easy portability
  • Silver pendulum provides a consistent tempo
  • Wind up mechanism - no battery required
  • Black colour for a modern look
  • Dimensions: 114mm (h) x 52mm (w) x 38mm (d)