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Pay later with Klarna . . . find out more >>

Yamaha YAH803 Neo Tenor Horn

by Yamaha
Original price £3,020.00 - Original price £3,235.00
Original price
£3,020.00 - £3,235.00
Current price £3,020.00

The new standard in brass band instruments

Working together with Sheona White, we analyzed and re-evaluated every part and component to create an instrument that delivers richer resonance and more expressive depth. It produces a graceful tone that enhances the alto horn’s presence while delivering the tone colour, volume, resistance, and accurate pitch that brass band performers and soloists demand in an instrument.



The new YAH-803 features a one-piece yellow brass bell. With a diameter 5mm larger than that of the YAH-602, the new horn's dynamic range is increased noticeably.

First Branch

The first branch features a newly designed taper improving tone and pitch.

Valve Casing

The YAH-803's valve casing benefits from a new, heavier design. The sound becomes more rich and powerful from the additional weight.

Tuning Slide

Additional improvements to sound, pitch, dynamic range and playability have been achieved with the development of a wider, newly tapered tuning slide.