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Pay later with Klarna . . . find out more >>

Yamaha YFL372GL Flute

by Yamaha
Original price £1,170.00 - Original price £1,170.00
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£1,170.00 - £1,170.00
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.925 solid headjoint with gold-plated lip-plate

The Yamaha YFL-372GL Flute Nickel Silver is in the key of C with ring keys, an offset G, an E Mechanism, and comes with a nickel silver finish. The YFL-372 flute is from Yamaha's introductory series and delivers high-quality mechanics for a comfortable playing feeling. Equipped with a high-quality tip-top mechanism, this flutes posseses ergonomic flap caps of the ring flaps, which make it comfortable to play. The body of the YFL-372 flute is made from nickel silver and is completely silver-plated, the head-joint is made from Sterling silver and has a gold-plated lip-plate. The CY head is polyconical, which makes it easier to approach. The intonation is excellent, helping any student match their playing perfectly; especially in an orchestra.

The main features of the Yamaha YFL-372GL Flute Nickel Silver include:

  • Material: Nickel Silver
  • Headjoint - Sterling silver with gold-plated lip-plate
  • Pointed Cup Arms
  • E-Mechanism
  • C-Footjoint
  • Tuning: C
  • Offset-G
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Finish: Silver-Plated