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Yamaha YG250D Glockenspiel

by Yamaha
Original price £778.00 - Original price £778.00
Original price
£778.00 - £778.00
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The Yamaha YG-250D 2 1/2 octave glockenspiel uses a new high-carbon steel material treated with a special tempering process for a pure, bright tone, and features a nodal point support string system with single pin bar mounting. Case and mallets (ME-101) included.

NB: stand not included.


  • Range: 2 1/2 Octaves
  • Pitch: A = 442Hz
  • Deep frame and case that provide a resonating chamber
  • Full F57 - C88 range satisfies more repertoire requirements
  • 1 1/8 " x ¼" non-graduated bars reduce weight and cost
  • Nodal point support string with single pin bar mounting increases sustain and maximises resonance
  • Easy on/off lid hinge makes packing efficient
  • High carbon steel materials treated with a special tempering process create a pure, bright tone