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Yamaha YM40 Marimba

by Yamaha
Original price £3,130.00 - Original price £3,130.00
Original price
£3,130.00 - £3,130.00
Current price £3,130.00

The Yamaha YM-40 is a 3 1/2 octave standard padauk marimba with C28-F69 range, two-position resonator slots, height adjustable frame and horizontal leg supports. It offers an ideal balance between tone and price for the budget conscious, and is perfect for the younger percussionist.


  • Range: 3 1/2 octaves (C28 - F69)
  • Pitch: A = 442Hz
  • Exclusive Yamaha tuning method ensures true pitch and full sound
  • Padauk wood bars provide natural wood sound and feel
  • Graduated bars produce a full tone and projection throughout the instrument's range
  • Resonator tracking system allows two resonator height settings for pitch and tone control in varying climate conditions
  • Compact size fits well in rehearsal setting or where space/storage is limited
  • Height adjustable frame allows most comfortable playing position for all players
  • The durable frame's lower crossbar support maintains stability and, therefore, playability
  • Locking casters on player side are easy to reach, and they secure the instrument while playing